The Unlikely Story - Translations Campaign

We want to share our campaign with the world. To achieve this we want to create subtitles for the trailer in over 30 languages.

If you are fluent in any of the languages shown below we would love to get your help. The translation consists of just 32 sections and should only take 15-20 minutes. All translators will be recognized in the film credits and at the exhibition.
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Seeking Volunteer Translators

We have created an easy system for supporters to do the translation from right inside your browser. Please register to indicate the language(s) that you can translate into and thank you for your support. We will email you access credentials within 24 hours.
The example below shows the German translation for your reference and a movie of what the subtitling looks like when finished.
Once the translations have been completed we will copy and paste the respective text into the subtitling system. The movie below shows what the end result looks like. In this example it shows the German translation.


: When you click on the Translator Login button you will be redirected to a dynamic database. We are having some problems with the activation of our SSL security certificate so you will probably get a warning from your browser that you are about to enter an insecure site. You can safely override the warning. We apologize for this issue which we are working to fix asap.